Daniel Sedin at the closing ceremonies

[Daniel Sedin is chatting with Alexander Edler]

Sedin: I feel like part of my performance issues in that gold medal game was staying up all night bing watching Breaking Bad

Edler: Haha! You sure got into it! Don't worry, though, nobody can stop watching that show once they start. 

Sedin: I can't believe I'd never seen an episode before! What was that other show you said I would like?

Edler: Oh, House of Cards. Do you have Netflix?

Sedin: Ugh, no! I'll sign up right when I get home. You can watch movies on there too, right?

Edler: Oh, yeah. It started as a movie delivery service. Anything you want to watch is on there.

Sedin: People keep telling me I have to watch The Dark Knight. And Pulp Fiction. I've only ever watched home movies and French language movies from the 50s.

Edler: That's great. You should try iTunes too, you can get movies and music there

Sedin: Ooh, thanks for the tip. What was that band you were listening too earlier?

Edler: Metallica? U2? The Rolling Stones? You said you liked all of them when I played them.

Sedin: Let me write those down. Are they all new?

Edler: No… no they have been around for a while.

Sedin: Must not be part of that Swedish chanting scene that I grew up with. 

Edler: You seem like you had such a great time over here in Russia, Daniel

Sedin: There is a whole big world out there that I never knew about. Henrik and I have been so insular, I think this experience has taught me to be my own man

Edler: That's great, Daniel. Well, I guess it's our turn to enter that arena

[inside the ceremony]

Edler: Christ, that's creepy

Sedin: Henrik would love it. Oh God, I miss him so much!

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