Cup Dumps 6/2/14

Cup Dumps


The Kings and Rangers are meeting in the Stanley Cup Final. NBC won’t say so, but they appreciate it.

The Top Line
Los Angeles won in OT last night to take their place as the Rangers’ opponent for the Cup.ESPNYahoo, Sports Illustrated, TSN, CBC, Fox, The Local Take — Just have to say that is the weirdest perspective I have seen for the local take in a while. You are going to the Cup, why focus on the people you just beat? I digress, let’s move on.

Los Angeles 5, Chicago 4 (OT) – The Sharks had a chance, 3 chances, to beat the Kings. They refuse to die.

Tweet of the Moment

I love this. The two biggest markets in America are playing in the Stanley Cup, and the Hurricanes are tweeting about Asheville, North Carolina. What do they even have for lunch spots in Asheville?

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