Cup Dumps 5/5/14

Cup Dumps

It’s Cinco de Mayo, so here is a post celebrating Mexico’s favorite sport, ice hockey!

The Top Line
Say, does anyone have any word on the Penguins-Rangers series?? What happened last night? ESPN, NBC, Sports Illustrated, The Sporting News, TSN, CBC,, The Local Take #1, The Local Take #2

Pittsburgh 3, New York Rangers 0 – This is another sign that the Rangers, despite the color scheme, are not the Blue Jackets. Two games in, both times, the winner reached 3 first.

Chicago 4, Minnesota 1 – Chicago is doing a really great job of piling on in the final 5 minutes or so. It’s disheartening to this particular Wild fan.

Tweet of the Moment

This is for play of the year. Both plays involve a puck being played through the defenseman’s leg. Tropp’s probably was better, but Nazem Kadri plays in Toronto, so that’s getting a lot more votes.

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