Cup Dumps 5/26/14

Cup Dumps

It’s Memorial Day in the States. Sorry I didn’t get to your Monday Dump until now, Canada

The Top Line
The Blackhawks and Kings are playing tonight. A couple outlets are even using the almost same picture of Jonathan Toews on their front page. ESPN, NBC… These are the other previews:  Yahoo, Sports Illustrated, TSN, The Local Take #1, The Local Take #2

New York Rangers 3, Montreal 2 (OT) – The Rangers are on the cusp of the Finals. Take that Tortorella. And Alain Vigneault says the same to Vancouver.

Tweet of the Moment

The Capitals remembered their success with Bruce Boudreau and hired a Barry Trotz. Short pudgy neckless bald men just look coachlike. Great fit for the Caps

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