Cup Dumps 5/20/14

Cup Dumps

Only 4 teams are left, but the Canadian team isn’t doing a whole lot for me right now. 

The Top Line
The Rangers are getting some output from Rick Nash lately, but they‘ve been getting it from Henrik Lundqvist all season. Sporting News, NHL.comNBC, , Yahoo The Local Take

New York 3, Montreal 1 – It’s sort of amazing, but with an injured goaltender, the Habs are having a tough time keeping the puck out of the net.

Tweet of the Moment

“What is that flash of light, eminating from the sky?” wondered Nathan MacKinnon, almost aloud. “I wonder if I’m the only one who sees it?
And lo, a hockey player clad entirely in red began to descend from the rafters. Momentarily, Nathan wondered if it was Martin Brodeur coming from above, but surely, he wouldn’t come to an arena that Patrick Roy was such a regular figure. Besides, why would a Devil be descending from the heavens?
Looking closer, Nathan recognized that the figure slowly descending from the rafters was a skater, and not a goaltender at all. Was this celestial figure arriving to send him a message? Nathan had to know. The world around him fell silent, and he focused only on hockey player in red, floating to through the sky above the ice at the Pepsi Center.
With some trepidation, but more confidence than such an unusual situation would suggest, Nathan made slow b
ut purposeful strides towards center ice, where the figure in red hovered. As he drew closer, his curiosity grew into shock, and eventually recognition.
“Mr. McDonald? Lanny McDonald, is that you?” Nathan inquired, eager to meet a player he had never seen play, but as a Canadian admired all the same. “Have you come here to give me tips on being a more aggressive player? A better teammate? A better leader? I’m so eager to learn from you, I’m so eager to take your lessons with me to the Worlds and bring greater glory to Canadian hockey.”
McDonald wordlessly turned his glazed eyes towards MacKinnon, and it was only then that Nathan saw that his hero was in distress. “Son, I have no idea how I got up to the roof, or why I am tangled in all these wires, or why I am wearing my old hockey gear, but I am so f**ing baked right now.”

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