Cup Dumps 5/14/14

Cup Dumps

Sports are dumb, and other musings from a Minnesota sports fan.

The Top Line
While I am distraught over the Wild being eliminated, I take heart in the knowledge that the Penguins were eliminated last night as well. ESPN, Yahoo, Sports Illustrated, The Sporting News, The Local Take #1, The Local Take #2

New York Rangers 2, Pittsburgh 1 – While I don’t really care for any of the remaining teams, I may throw my support behind the Rangers for knocking off the Penguins.

Chicago 2, Minnesota 1 (OT) – Many fans are upset that the series ended because of a bad bounce that Patrick Kane capitalized on, but I mean, the Wild were starting Ilya Bryzgalov. It’s not like the bounces had been going great for them at all this season.

Tweet of the Moment

Good for the Blue Jackets PR team for still grinding. Go listen to this podcast or whatever it is.

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