Cup Dumps 5/1/14

Cup Dumps


We did it, everyone! We survived round 1!

The Top Line
The world has moved on already. People are taking a quick look at the pending Bruins-Canadiens series. NBC, Sports Illustrated, TSN, CBC The Local Take #1, The Local Take #2

New York Rangers 2, Philadelphia 1 – The Rangers won in the closest game this series saw. Weird way to end it.

Minnesota 5, Colorado 4 (OT) – This game was a thriller throughout the whole thing, and the finale saw Minnesota score 4 game tying goals and obviously, the winner in overtime. Also, there’s this.

Los Angeles 5, San Jose 1 – Sort of sad and hilarious at the same time. Like, we all KNEW the Sharks were going to blow it, right?

Tweet of the Moment


Yeah. AHL playoffs. That’s what’s on everyone’s mind!

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