Cup Dumps 4/27/14

Cup Dumps

There will be NO complaining about officiating from this point forward!

The Top Line
The Flyers and Rangers are playing again. If history holds, this will be a bad game, but the series will continue to be good. ESPN, NBC (Yahoo links to the NBC link as well) Fox,, The Local Take #1, The Local Take #2

Boston 4, Detroit 2- So long, Detroit. Good to see Columbus outlasted you in the Eastern conference playoffs.

Pittsburgh 3, Columbus 1- For the first time in this series, a team reached 3 goals first, and they WON.

Colorado 4, Minnesota 3 (OT) – For all the attention Patrick Roy is getting for pulling his goalie with 3 minutes left, his teams scored twice and the Wild haven’t once.

Los Angeles 3, San Jose 0 – The Kings are still going to win this, aren’t they?

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