Cup Dumps 4/25/14

Cup Dumps

The Playoffs are really fun, guys.

The Top Line
The Los Angeles Kings are still alive. Any other situation  where a team is down 3-1 I would write them off, but they are playing the Sharks. SoooYahoo, TSN, CBC,, The Local Take #1, The Local Take #2

Boston 3, Detroit 2 (OT) – The Bruins scored the game winner after Jarome Iginla bounced it off the Red Wings defense.

Minnesota 2, Colorado 1 – The Wild have been thoroughly dominant in Minnesota, putting the puck on net twice as much as the Avs, but they aren’t scoring. Winning, but not scoring.

Los Angeles 6, San Jose 3 – Wow, a game that was settled quickly and likely won’t be hugely impactful in the end. Huh.

Tweet of the Moment

David Vyborny? Can we get a Vyborny?

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