Cup Dumps 4/24/14

Cup Dumps


We are reaching a point where we know who will have embarrassing playoff beard situations. 

The Top Line
The Blackhawks and Blues just can’t stop going to overtime.  ESPN, Fox, The Local Take #1 The Local Take #2

Meanwhile, Canada is particularly excited about the return of Henrik Zetterberg, TSN, CBC, The Local Take

Columbus 4, Pittsburgh 3 (OT) – Believe it or not, the Penguins were first to 3 goals, which is a recipe to lose in this series.

Dallas 4, Anaheim 2 – The Stars are going to make a series out of this, it appears. Good. The Ducks are jerks.

Chicago 4, St. Louis 3 (OT) – There is a lot of extra hockey in the postseason this year. This is a good thing.

Tweet of the Moment

Good thing the Oilers are out of the playoffs, so Nugent-Hopkins could attend this community event!

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