Cup Dumps 4/23/14

Cup Dumps


So long, Lightning. We hardly knew ye

The Top Line
Canadian teams are undefeated so far in the Cup Playoffs, Yahoo, Sporting News, TSN, CBC, The Local Take #1 The Local Take #2

Montreal 4, Tampa Bay 3 – And now the Canadiens advance to take on the winner of the Boston – Detroit series.

Boston 3, Detroit 0 – Which, for the record, Boston currently leads 2-1

New York Rangers 4, Philadelphia 1 – I don’t know why I keep making sure to name them the Rangers, like anyone would think the Islanders are in the playoffs. Anyways, the series is 2-1, and the loser in every game has looked mighty terrible.

San Jose 4, Los Angeles 3 (OT) – The Lightning are on the precipice of going the way of the dodo. Or more appropriately, the way of the Lightning.

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