Cup Dumps 4/20/14

Cup Dumps


Today, everyone is smoking their Easter grass. 

The Top Line
The Playoffs are seeing a diversity of coverage today. Most surprising is that the Chicago-St. Louis series isn’t the top headline on any site. The most pub is going to Flyers-Rangers, largely because Ray Emery is starting in net. NBC, Yahoo, TSN,, The Local Take #1, The Local Take #2

St. Louis 4, Chicago 3 (OT) – The Blues and Blackhawks are having a playoff series for the ages. Of course, whoever wins this is going to be completely gassed in the next round.

Columbus 4, Pittsburgh 3 (2OT) – This was Columbus’ first playoff win ever. Ever.

Colorado 4, Minnesota 2 – Yo, I think Nathan MacKinnon is going to be pretty good.

Tweet of the Moment

I would make a joke, but yeah, this is better than my Easter Plans. Be there soon!

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