Columbus acquires professional wrestler



Scott Hartnell has been traded to the Columbus Blue Jackets in exchange for RJ Umberger and a 4th round draft pick. Columbus tends to be involved in the ill conceived contract issues of the east coast teams and then shuffles those issues off to other teams. Usually that other team is the Los Angeles Kings. Usually, it works out better for the Kings than the Blue Jackets.

In recent history, the Blue Jackets acquired Umberger so the Flyers could re-sign Jeff Carter. Then the Flyers traded Carter to the Blue Jackets. Carter was dealt to the Kings less than a season later. The Rangers traded Columbus Marian Gaborik, and the Blue Jackets traded Gaborik to the Kings at the trade deadline. Now, Umberger is going to the Flyers. I don’t so much believe that this is a change in tactic for Columbus, but instead believe that it is inevitable that Hartnell is in LA by the end of his contract.

It should be noted that Scott Hartnell waved his no movement clause to go to Columbus, which raises the question of why he would do that. It raises the question because, in comparison, Philadelphia is much more awesome than Columbus. Columbus is about the 5th best town in Ohio, behind such luminaries as Cincinnati, Akron, Dayton and Cleveland. Why on EARTH would anyone voluntarily go to a town that ranks lower than Cleveland?

Maybe Hartnell wanted to get out of a big city to provide a more stable environment to raise his family, rather than the sports pressure cooker that is Philadelphia. The Blue Jackets will always be secondary to Ohio State in Columbus, and may even be tertiary to the Columbus Crew. Personally, I think Hartnell wants to get away from all the autograph hounds looking for Mick Foley signatures. No need for a playoff beard in Columbus!

So good luck in Ohio, Mr. Hartnell. But rent, because you will be in Los Angeles by the end of the season.

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