What the hell, soccer, I thought we were friends

We at Barry Melrose Rocks recognize that hockey and soccer are kindred spirits. (Lacrosse is cool too.) In America, all of the games are appreciated and enjoyed by a substantial portion of the country, though, admittedly, both soccer and hockey fans are in the minority. 

Both sports are also similar in that they are fairly low scoring, appreciated outside of the United States and have fans here at Barry Melrose Rocks (fun fact, Loser Domi is actually AZ Alkmaar and Team USA forward Jozy Altidore). While other sports are in competition, I felt like soccer and hockey were in cooperation. 

Well, last night, the US played Mexico in World Cup Qualification and it was covered on ESPN. Sport Illustrated'd basketball writer (I have a lot of interests, ok?) noted that SportsCenter had a half hour of World Cup Qualifier coverage, and I responded thusly, because ESPN maintains a staff full of spiteful d-bags (except for Melrose and Buccigross!) 




Tweeted tongue in cheek, of course. But go soccer! Go America! But that elicited a response from a random internet user on Twitter.com. 




What the hell, soccer? I thought we were cool. Well, I for one, am not going to stoop to your level. Mostly because I will be busy picking up the shattered pieces of my heart.

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