Things to know bout the Dallas Stars

The Stars are playing tonight's NBCSN game against the Colorado Avalanche. We have been busting their chops pretty regularly since the season started. Mostly, the jokes have revolved around their usage of imaginary players and fans. Let's take a look at some real live facts about Texas' favorite hockey team (for Texans aware that there is a hockey team).

- The leading scorer is Ray Whitney. Jaromir Jagr is number 2 in points. Somehow, Mike Modano couldn't get any ice time with this team.

- Kari Lehtonen is the starting goaltender. I have a cousin named Kari. She's nice.

- The leader in +/- is Stephane Robidas, who is also 35. This team is super old. Well, at least the best players are super old.

- Stephane Robidas is only 5 years older than me. I'm practically washed up.

- The Stars have Ice Girls. 

-The Stars still use the motto "The Coolest Game on Earth" This was created back when the Stars were good, and Ray Whitney was young. Nostalgia, and whatnot.

I'm sure there are other things worth knowing, like "is Vernon Fiddler a fake name" and "is Brendan Morrow considered young or old on this team" but for tonight's game, this should be enough to get you through.

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