Wild old jersey

The Wild did something right

I always feel a little bad when I tart talking about the Wild, and I feel really bad when I start talking about a teams' sartorial direction, but darn it, the Wild got new jerseys and I am going to talk about them. 

The Wild nailed their jerseys from the outset, in my opinon. That green jersey with the Wild logo, accented by the beige was belissimo. Then the Wild came up with a red alternate that sort of sucked. Then it turned into the full time home jersey, and it never got any better. Look at this travesty:

It's garish and awful. I hated it. I have those circle logos with the writing and another logo in the middle. They suck. Everyone has them, and they aren't original. The NHL is not SB Nation. I guess what I am saying is, I wasn't optimistic about the jerseys that were to be released today. 

And then the Wild came out with the most beautiful jersey I have ever seen.

It's crisp and clean. It features the primary logo prominently. It doesn't have extraneous swaths of color on the sleeves or with the stripes. As much as I like their beige tones, I like it better with their newer green alternates (though I think green as an alternate sucks, I would rather have it as the primary), and the solid white looks awesome. 

I'm sorry for gushing. I really like these sweaters. The only problem is that they will only be wearing them on the road.

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