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The real reason Justin Karmanos was fired

In case you haven't heard, the Carolina Hurricanes owner Peter Karmanos fired his son and assistant GM Justin over the weekend. Ouch. There hasn't been any confirmation as to why the younger Karmanos got the axe, but the News & Observer extracted this quote: 

The disagreement I had with my father had nothing to do with the direction of the team or the business of the team.This has nothing to do with my job performance."

That in mind. I have some thoughts on what may have happened in Raleigh to cause this rift. They are best explained in thse expository vignettes.


Jason: Hey pa! Can I take the car out tonight, I promise I won't get into no trouble, not a lick!

Peter: No, you can't. I don't trust you and y'alls friends with the car.

Jason: Oh Pa! I said I promise! 

Peter: I reckon the decision has been made, son. The answer is no.

Jason: Well I was just askin out of respeck, but guess what! I already done got them keys, y'old man! I'm outta here. YEE HAW


[Jason is leading a meading with other execs on the GM team[

Jason: I know it's a fun gimmick but I don't think we need to express any particular loyalty to the Staals. Not any more than to any other player, anyways.

[Peter walks in late]

Jason: In conclusion, I think that we shouldn't be afraid to let people go just because they are family members.

Peter: Oh, in that case, you're fired.


Peter: So this Justin Timberlake is coming to Raleigh, so we have to clear out of the arena on November 12th so this guy can set up? Who the hell is Justin Timberlake? 

Jason: DAD! You don't know Justin Timberlake?! He is one of the superior entertainers of our era! N*Sync! Suit and Tie! Dick in a Box! Justin Timberlake!

Peter: Did you just say "Dick in a Box?"

Joson: Yeah, it's this thing where —

Peter: Get out of my office.

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