The Pittsburgh Penguins are assholes

The Penguins, as far as I can tell, are working on a campaign to prove their superiority over the rest of the league in one of the more emasculating manners that I can imagine. It's one thing to be a good team. There are always good teams, and the Pens are one of the best. It's one thing to patch up holes with good players. It's an entirely different thing to acquire franchise legends from other teams and plug them on the second or third line.

"Oh, Dallas and Calgary you have embraced Brenden Morrow for over a decade as the face of your franchise, leaders of the team and active members of the community! Their value on the ice is only surpassed by their intangible, intrinsic value to the locker room and the franchise, you say? Well let us just shit all over that, acquire them for pennies on the dollar and drop them into the 2nd or 3rd line," says Troll Crosby.

I'm really just hoping that in about 10 years, the Penguins trade Crosby to Nashville or something. 

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