The Dallas Stars simply have an issue with the singular existence of man

First, they made light of an invisible girlfriend. Then, they made a trade for someone who may or may not exist. Now, it has become clear that they just don't understand that there is only one of a person. There isn't 0, and the number isn't 2 or more. I know you want 0 Ryan Henning and 5 Loser Domi, but as it happens, there is 1 Ryan Henning and 1 Loser Domi. This is a concept that eludes the Stars

 What am I talking about? After their foray in the nonexistent girlfriend and  the nonexistent Sneep, they have overcorrected. Now there are too many Jagrs.


There is one of people, Dallas. Not 0. Not 7. 1. (The Sedins are a notable exception.)

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