Some fun facts about Quinnipiac and Yale

We typically look mostly at the NHL at BMR, but with only two teams left in the College Hockey championship tournament, colloquially known as the Frozen Four, I thought we should look at the two schools left to fight for the National Championship with a few fun facts! They are both small little schools from Connecticut, so we will all probably learn something!

– Yale is in the Ivy League, which is a collection of schools that specialize in botany.

– Yale is named after Elihu Yale, who was a governor of the British East India Company. The Selanne's almost named their sone Elihu

– Yale's top major is "alcohology". The final involves a beer bong.

– Yale is known for it's prestigious Law School, which involves more viewings of "Alfie" than should be legal.

– For as elite as Yale pretends to be, New Haven isn't even the snootiest town in their county. Not even top 5. Connecticut is oppressively snooty.

– Moses Cleaveland is among the famous alums. He founded Cleveland. He knew the city was going to be so embarrassing, he changed the spelling to dissociate from it.

– Yale was Kevin Schultz's safety school.

– Quinnipiac was named after their founder Fernando Quinnipiac. You probably know him better as the inventor of the bean bag chair.

– Quinnipiac is following the Gonzaga model for success that they used for basketball. Have a funny name, a student body that smokes a ton of pot then also somehow field a good team.

– Probably the best college in New Haven County, Connecticut.

– Quinnipiac is home to a famous polling institute. I'm not sure what that means, but I think it's where the Islanders get their ice girls.

– Most students are actually clay-mation.

– Quinnipiac has the most winners of Legends of the Hidden Temple per capita in any American student body.

– The school had a controversy with the school's newspaper and their insistence on putting news online before in the print edition. I, for one, side with the school. The internet is stupid and not a good source of valid information.

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