San Jose is the place for romance

If you are like me, and you think of romance and northern California, I'm sure you move quickly past San Francisco, Lake Tahoe, or Monterey and their beautiful panoramas and perfectly designed settings, almost as if engineered for the serindipitous happenstance of love. If you are like me, you roll on past all that stuff and think "HP Pavillion in San Jose" The Ruppels thought so. They got married with a Sharks themed wedding back in October ending a courtship that began at the Pavillion. Take a look at the happy couple after the jump:


The Ruppels shared their story with The Daily Chomp, and their story arrived at my laptop earlier today. If two Sharks fans can find love, then anything is possible. Of course, this being the Sharks, everything will seem wonderful until a really important moment comes along, at which point it will be a terrible dissapointment. 

I kid! Let's find out more about their magical day.

We wore custom made Sharks jerseys. As Bride, I had a white jersey (white being her wedding dress) which read “Bride” on the back of it with the #10 and the “A” for alternate Captain. The Groom wore a black jersey (black being his tuxedo) which read “Groom” on the back with the #10 and the Captain “C” (and let’s be clear he was given the C for just ONE day!).


 When planning our wedding, we envisioned that when the Pastor was to go down the aisle, he was going to get booed, and BOOED he did – it was PERFECT

Um… what? Is sacrilige and the open patronization of religion a San Jose Sharks thing that I wasn't familiar with?

During the vows there was a water ceremony. I poured yellow, while the Groom poured blue into a beautiful Sharks pilsner glass and it made a perfect teal!

You can certainly make fun of teal all you want, but it is not a hue that particularly bothers me. I lived in the 90s. I can live with the chromatic sins of the decade. One area where teal does not belong, however, is in liquid form.

Meanwhile, the guests munched on popcorn, cotton candy and Red Vines during the ceremony — just like they would at any game!

She sure does like exclamation marks!

As the ceremony came to a conclusion, the Pastor said the most awesome thing, “You may now kiss my Mom” – a perk of the Pastor being the Son of the Bride!

This has nothing to do with the Sharks (I don't think?) but seriously, gross. 

After we were announced as Husband and Wife to the guests, immediately a noise erupted … BWWAAAAHHHHH

Vomiting Yeti?

(the goal horn which sounded LOUD)

Oh, I guess that makes more sense.

Then we had lunch, which was catered by Togo’s – sandwich trays, dips trays, fruit trays and veggie trays. We often grab dinner from Togo’s while we watch our beloved team! It was quite a feast on teal plates with teal forks and knifes. We even had teal linens and Sharks napkins that looked just like jerseys.

I worry that there wasn't enough teal.

And if all of that had not been awesome enough, we walked around table to table handing our guests the wedding favors – real hockey pucks made in Canada

Oooh, imported hockey pucks. Classy.

But some of the best shots were taken (with a quick stop to celebrate with the Tank’s best bartenders Dino and Danny on the way) in the seats where we shared our first date and where we continue to be season ticket holders. Our Sharks that night gave us the best wedding gift of the evening – a WIN!

Wait, so this wasn't even a wedding from this year?! Because I'm pretty sure the Sharks weren't playing in October. I feel shattered and misled. Hurt. I can never look at San Jose the same again.

 May you each find your true love and experience magical moments like we did and for those that already have, enjoy all the special moments you make each day!

That's very sweet. Now I feel bad for being such a cynical a-hole. Best of luck to you two, you crazy lovebirds!

Lastly … GO SHARKS!

Or whatever. Maybe not.

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