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If you are a Minnesota blogger who writes about hockey, it's assumed that at some point, you will enrage the city of Edmonton. It's not one of those "this is something that might happen, so watch out" things, it's essetially an assumed eventuality. Destiny. I'm not entirely sure why. Maybe Edmontonians are fed up with their battle with Calgary and decided to pick on someone else for a while, or if they just hate Minnesota, Minnesotans or specifically, Minnesotan bloggers. 
So I knew it was coming. At some point, I would be on the sharp end of some Edmontonian rage, but I didn't quite expect that it would be this pointed. Last week, I wrote a fairly docile post about how the Oilers took a picture of a sign and put it on their website. A picture of a sign on the internet. Silly for almost every town in the world. I called them out on it. Sure, it was a little mean spirited, but I have said a lot worse about Pittsburgh, for example. 
Edmonton didn't take it well. I thought I would take the time to reply to the comments that I received on that post. It will be fun! Come along with me!
The sign represents a 500 million dollar undertaking by the city and also the image of the brand new state of the art facility so that passerby's might have a glance at the proposed outline and design of the building.  But rest assured Ryan Henning, we will inform you of the next bake sale – I will be baking turd brownies just for you…Shithead
First, I would like to point out that you fouled up one of the best plurals in the English language. It's "passersby" not "passerby's". Secondly, if said fans or passersby wanted to find out about this huge undertaking, perhaps they could read about it on the internet? I'm sure the construction of this arena has been on the local news. It shouldn't be a surprise. Also, how many Edmontonians went to Oilers.nhl.com and were satisfied with a picture of a sign as an update? Maybe the contents of the sign would have been beneficial? Let's make it clear. I am not in any way making fun of the sign. I am making fun of the fact that this sign was the subject of a feature article on your hockey teams' website. That is silly. Third, thank you for the invitation to the bake sale, but I have changed my mind. Edmonton bake sales sound terrible.
Haha I just noticed you referred to St. Paul as "cosmopolitan". Now I know for sure that you're on bath salts
One way I know that St. Paul is cosmopolitan? We have better drugs than bath salts.
shortylong66 (again)
You sir, are an idiot. First of all you start by calling a city of 1million people small, which obviously is wrong, and definitely not the smallest or lamest in Canada. Actually 5th largest in the country, just slightly smaller than Calgary. Secondly, major construction projects all have signs. But a genius like yourself must know this. The reason the people of Edmonton are excited enough to have a news story circulate is not because of a sign, but because the sign represents the beginning of the actual planning and construction of our new half billion dollar arena, something that people in the area are very much looking forward to after a long period of deliberation, the arena is part of a major downtown revitalization and includes a new entertainment district and two new office towers. I can see how this totally reminds you of a name change at the gas station! Anyway, after your brain surgey
The Twins Cities have 3.4 million people, so I mean, comparitively speaking, yes, I will call Edmonton small. Now that I think about it, it's funny that you bristled that I called St. Paul cosmopolitan when the Twin Cities are 3 times bigger than Edmonton. But that's not why you came. Congratulations on your stupid new arena. Just hope Edmonton doesn't 'revitalize' by banishing you to Red Deer.
Your a fucking fag.You should go buy a gun and use it on yourself.
 But seiously, great job on not making this a death threat, but merely a suggestion! Also, "you're".
hahahaa Ryan Henning you are the funniest American, gee  13 champion in football and 5 in hockey. Produced some the greatest hockey players and Bunch of Great football players. I think you should educated yourself and realized regardless of size of our city Edmonton ten times better than minnysoda. 
This is my favorite comment of them all. I want to respond to every sentence individually, actually.
hahahaa Ryan Henning you are the funniest American
Oh stop! I'm blushing. But the funniest American, without a doubt, is prop comic Gallagher!
 gee  13 champion in football and 5 in hockey.
 Produced some the greatest hockey players and Bunch of Great football players
We're still on football? Also, with the random capitalization, I can only assume you are referring to the Bunch of Great Academy, which through the years has pulled young men off the mean streets of Edmonton and tought them the game of American football. "We want to play hockey," the kids would say. "Fuck you, you're at the Bunch of Great Academy now." administrators would reply.
I think you should educated yourself and realized regardless of size of our city Edmonton ten times better than minnysoda. 
Don't worry, I am definitely receiving quite the education about Edmonton. I'm not impressed! Also, I'm not sure if you are trying to use "minnysoda" as a diminutive, or if you just completely butchered the spelling. I mean, that's kind of how Minnesota is pronounced. Based on other circumstantial evidence (i.e. this comment) I assume you just don't know how to spell. You should have talked to your mom about getting you into the Bunch of Great Academy.
The sign is normal on any construction progect.if a 450 million dollar progect is lame you must be the stereo typical american
Wait, I've been told it was 500 million. Get your story straight, Edmonton. Or is the progect something different? Fill me in. Or is it spelled like that in Canada? Like colour or centre? Do you have J's in Canada? Do you call them the Winnipeg Gets? 
Well, Edmonton, it's been an honour to respond to your gabs. Thanks for reading, and good luck getting downtown to look at that stupid damn sign.

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