Puck Dumps 12/9/13

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The Top Line

A couple of different outlets are talking about the San Jose Sharks, Sports Illustrated Sporting News, The Local Take



Minnesota 3, San Jose 1 – The Sharks got covered by multiple folks today because they are losers.

Boston 5, Toronto 2 – Total surprise that this game wasn't on Wednesday rivalry night, but then I remembered Toronto is Canadian.

Chicago 6, Florida 2 – We would be more likely to see a rematch of this train wreck on NBC.

Washington 4, New York Rangers 1 – Philipp Grubauer had 30 saves and about 3 too many letters in his name.

Vancouver 3, Colorado 1 – Only Mike Santorelli can slow down the Colorado Avalanche.


Tweet of the Moment


Is it just me or are the Blue Jackets always here? Pathetic cries for attention, if you ask me. Also, follow me on Twitter @victoriawxrhino

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