Puck Dumps 12/5/13

I am just about ready for for the playoffs to start. You too?

The Top Line

The Flyers did some good things against the Red Wings last night. NBC, Yahoo!, NHL.com, The Local Take #1, The Local Take # 2



Montreal 4, New Jersey 3 (SO) – I am an American fan of a team that has been playing in the Western Conference, but apparently David Desharnais is above average. ASAS.

Philadelphia 6, Detroit 3 – The Flyers exploded in the third period. Not literally. That would be gross.

Calgry 4, Phoenix 1 – I'm concerned that the Flames are getting a little big for their britches.


Tweet of the Moment


That is an enormous truck. The 4pm start time is definitely among the perils of living on the west coast.

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