Puck Dumps 12/4/13

Happy Birthday!

The Top Line

Henrik Lundqvist is making a little bit more than you and I now, NBC, Yahoo!, TSN, NHL.com, The Local Take



Pittsburgh 3, New York Islanders 2 (OT) – Sidney Crosby, ruining dreams.

Columbus 1, Tampa Bay 0 – There is no defeating Bobrovsky.

Carolina 4, Washington 1 – Jeff Skinner has 3 points as the Hurricanes wrecked the Capitals in the capital. 

San Jose 4, Toronto 2 – It's tough to head east and play games a couple hours earlier than usual. Good win for the Sharks.

Ottawa 4, Florida 2- The defensemen were the only people scoring, apparently. Corvo and Campbell each had two points.

Dallas 4, Chicago 3 – The Blackhawks kicked the Stars ass in every way except shooting % and ultimately, goals scored.

Vancouver 3, Nashville 1 – But at least there are sweet bathrooms in Nashville.

Phoenix 6, Edmonton 2 – It's good, Glendale deserves this.

Los Angeles 3, Anaheim 2 (SO) – The shootout went 9 rounds and only had 1 converted attempt. But the Kings were DEFINITELY the better team last night. ASAS.


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