Puck Dumps 12/29/13

Almost 2014. This is the Maple Leafs year

The Top Line

Two days until the Winter Classic. Are you excited? ESPN, NHL.Com



Ottawa 4, Boston 3 – In this home and home, the home team won both games. I susect that's how it's supposed to work.

Montreal 2, Tampa Bay 1 (SO) – The NHL actually lists the sorers in shootouts. Cute. ASAS

Detroit 4, Florida 3 – Despite Sean Bergenheim's best efforts, Florida still lost. In pretty much everything.

New Jersey 2, New York Islanders 1 – If you were curious, I am actually going to the Wild-Islanders game tonight. The Isles are coming in off a loss to the Devils, which is promising.

St. Louis 6, Chicago 5 (SO) – Man, making all these players play again, 2 days in a row after Christmas. I personally am weighed down by 3 extra pounds of Christmas cookies. ASAS.

Nashville 3, Los Angeles 2 – Oh man, I totally confused Mike Richards and Mike Fisher. Fisher scored twice for the Predators, and that totally threw me off.

Anaheim 3, Phoenix 2 (OT) Saku Koivu wins it in overtime, making him Mama Koivu's favorite, for the time being.

Philadelphia 4, Edmonton 3 (SO) – Michael Raffl scored the game winner in the shootout,. ASAS


Tweet of the Moment


Victory Green? Is that what that color is?

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