Puck Dumps 12/28/13

Welcome back, readers! Welcome back, hockey! I missed you all over the break, now let's take a Dump.

The Top Line

You know what, it was vacation for sports writers too. We don't need one good headline from anyone.



Boston 5, Ottawa 0 – Merry Crhistmas, Boston, Ottawa rolled over for you as a nice little gift.

Columbus 2, New Jersey 1 (SO) – Oh gross. Extra Columbus Blue Jackets hockey. ASAS

Washington 3, New York Rangers 2 – I guess Cam Talbot sucks, now.

Pittsburgh 4, Carolina 3 (OT)- James Neal with the big overtime winner. Congratulations.

Toronto 4 Buffalo 3 (SO) – First Rob Ford, then an ice storm and now the Leafs can't andle the Sabres in regulation. Rough stretch for Toronto. ASAS

Chicago 7, Colorado 2 – Patrick Sharp single handedly ruined the Colorado Avalanche season. Or not. But it was his birthday, and Patrick Roy hates it when people are happy.

Winnipeg 6, Minnesota 4 – There were 7 goals in the first period, which is insane for these two teams. There was only 1 goal in the 2nd period, which makes a lot more sense.

Dallas 4, Nashville 1 – This is an example of two teams that are moving in opposite directions.

Edmonton 2, Calgary 0 – Ryan Smyth, oldest player on the Oilers by 35 years, scored both goals for Edmonton.

San Jose 4, Phoenix 3 (SO) – If this keeps up, hockey will ever catch on in Phoenix. ASAS


Tweet of the Moment


Finally, the Sabres participate in a community activity whrere they aren’t getting peed on.

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