Puck Dumps 12/24/13

Merry Christmas! This will be the last Dump until Saturday, so please have a safe and happy holiday!

The Top Line

And to bring you into the holidays…. Butt goal! Sporting News, Fox, The Local Take #1, The Local Take #2



New York Rangers 2, Toronto 1 – The Rangers flat out dominated this game. Good thing power is out in Toronto.

Buffalo 2, Phoenix 1 (OT) – The butt goal game. Thats what it takes for Buffalo.

Anaheim 3, Washington 2 – The Ducks held Washington to under 20 shots, which is not good.

Columbus 4, Carolina 3 – The Hurricanes losing at home is a good sign that they need a break, I think.

New York Islanders 3, Detroit 0 – Everything in this game was done in the second period. Like, everything.

Ottawa 5, Pittsburgh 0 – Did the Penguins not know there was a game last night?

Tampa Bay 6, Florida 1 – When Miami finds out they have a hockey team, they are going to be pissed about this score.

Philadelphia 4, Minnesota 1 – The Wild are playing… poorly, of late.

Boston 6, Nashville 2 – What is the deal with all the blowouts last night? Pretty loose going into Christmas.

Chicago 5, New Jersey 2 – The Devils had 2 shots through the first period. That's not good.

Calgary 4, St Louis 3 (SO) – Calgary is still scrappy, I'll give them that much. ASAS

Edmonton 6, Winnipeg 2 – WEll, I have to say this was unexpected.

San Jose 5, Colorado 4 (SO) – This might be a preview of a late round playoff series. Ife the Sharks get out of the first round, that is.

Dallas 5, Los Angeles 2 – And with that, Christmas in Texas is saved!


Tweet of the Moment


Here is a heartwarming act of charity by the Islanders to take us into the holiday. Merry Christmas to you all! We’ll see you next weekend!

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