Puck Dumps 12/22/13

In two days, it will be Christmas Eve. The gift I will give you for Christmas is no Puck Dump!

The Top Line

The Jets are going to try to upend the Canucks this evening, TSN, CBCThe Local Take #1, The Local Take #2



Pittsburgh 4, Calgary 3 – Respectable, Calgary. Respectable.

Phoenix 4, Ottawa 3 (OT) – The Kyle Turris revenge game! Or somesuch!

Los Angeles 3, Colorado 2 (SO) – So does Kopitar actually get a GWG for having the shotout winner? Cute. ASAS.

Boston 4, Buffalo 1 – This is one of those games where you look at the schedule and say "oh, there is a game on tonight".

Montreal 4, Nashville 3 (OT) – David Desharnais has this hockey thing all figured out.

Anaheim 5, New York Islanders 3 – The Islanders were up 3-1 after 2 periods. And then they finished the game.

Tampa Bay 3, Carolina 2 (OT)- With the Christmas break coming, there was a lot of extra hockey played today.

Detroit 5, Toronto 4 (SO) – Oh man, can you emagine the cluster if there is a shootout at the Winter Classic? That ice will be shit. ASAS

New Jersey 5, Washington 4 (OT) – The Devils scored 3 goals in the 3rd to come back and win this one.

St. Louis 6, Edmonton 0 – Wait, what's this? Someone won in regulation?

San Jose 3, Dallas 2 (SO) – Oh good, back to normal.


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This is a Caunucks-Jets heavy Dump.

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