Puck Dumps 12/20/13

Watching the Price is Right every morning makes me feel like I could be the Flames GM.

The Top Line

Claude Giroux scored 4 points in the 3rd period, including a goal as he was falling down that was pretty nice.. ESPN, Sports Illustrated, NHL.Com, The Local Take



Buffalo 4, Boston 2 – The Sabres were reinvigorated by their acquisition of Linus Omark yesterday. The Sabres now lead the league in Linuses.

Toronto 2, Phoenix 1 (SO) – The Leafs get a win over a much better team in the Coyotes. That is fun. ASAS

Philadelphia 5, Columbus 4 – The Blue Jackets: Letting opposing players look like al


















l stars since 2000.

Pittsburgh 5,Minnesota 2 – Bah, Chris Kunitz.

Florida 4, Ottawa 2 – Uh oh here come the Panthers!

Detroit 3, Calgary 2 (OT) – Sports Illustrated labels goals in the order of period scored. 1st, 2nd etc. Danel Alfredsson's OT winner was labeled as "4th".

Tampa Bay 4, Nashville 2 – Craig Smith scored the two goals for the Predators, but unfortunately, they couldn't get past the juggernaut that is the Tampa Bay Lightning. Really though, the Lightning are having a good year.

St Louis 5, Montreal 1 – Whatever, Steen scores twice.

Dallas 4, Vancouver 1 – I hear nothing but bad things about the Canucks, but they are still probably a playoff team.

Colorado 4, Edmonton 2 – The Oilers, for their part, are lost without Linus Omark.

Los Angeles 4, San Jose 1 – We can only hope that California teams keep battling each other and wear themselves out before they move on to the rest of the league.


Tweet of the Moment


So I guess Pavel Kubina is retiring. And I can say I heard it from Enrico Ciccone.

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