Puck Dumps 12/18/13

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The Top Line

Tom Wilson tried to break Brayden Schenn. Also, I think I stole this segment name from Sports Illustrated. It wasn't on purpose. Sports Illustrated, TSN The Local Take #1, The Local Take #2



Tampa Bay 3, New York Islanders 2 (SO) – A fictional win for a fictional town. ASAS

Boston 2, Calgary 0 – Noted goal scorer Zdeno Chara scored twice

Buffalo 4, Winnipeg 2 – Buffalo wins! Weird to see that typed out

Florida 3, Toronto 1 – The Panthers have won twice in a row. I am on the bandwagon.

Philadelphia 5, Washington 2 – As the Post noted, the Wilson charging penalty really took them out of it. The Capitals were the true victims.

Montreal 3, Phoenix 1 – It shouldn't, but this is a pairing of teams that just feels right.

Anaheim 5, Detroit 2 – As of right now, all three California teams would be in the playoffs, and wouldn't even occupy that "wild card" slot.

San Jose 4, St. Louis 2 0 – St. Louis is falling apart at the seams. Tragic, really.

Chicago 3, Nashville 1 – The Predators should try to get some forwards. 

Minnesota 3, Vancouver 2 (SO) – The Wld get goals from their two best goal scorers, Parise and Coyle. ASAS

Dallas 3, Colorado 2 – Ray Whitney is still alive?

Los Angeles 3, Edmonton 0 – Every California team wins. You can not stop any California team.


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