Puck Dumps 12/16/13

I wish I knew how to skate.

The Top Line

Here are a couple of people who are of the opinion that suspensions being oled out aren't cutting it. Yahoo, CBC



Washington 5, Philadelphia 4 (SO)- This just seems like the game should be a big deal, but …. eh.

Tampa Bay 3, Detroit 0 – Detroit, man. Detroit.

Florida 2, Montreal 1 – I should remind you, the last time we had a full NHL season, the Panthers were in the postseason.

Chicago 3 Los Angeles 1 – A full weekend for both teams, but for the Kings, it was full of losses.

New York Rangers 4, Calgary 3 (SO) – The Rangers beat a team outside of the Eastern Time Zone. Might be the best team in the Metro right now. ASAS

Anaheim 3, Edmonton 2 – The Oilers are making people thank that anyone can beat the Ducks. Truth is, nobody can.


Tweet of the Moment


Ah yes, because nothing says “tough” quite like a Christmas ornament

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