Puck Dumps 12/15/13

Yeah, it's late. You never know when a Dump is going to sneak up on you.

The Top Line

The Kings and Hawks are playing! Woohoo! Yahoo, NHL.com The Local Take #1 The Local Take #2 



Calgary 2, Buffalo 1 (OT) – This was the game NHL hockey was made for.

Los Angeles 5, Ottawa 2 – Ottawa to Chicago is a tough trek. Believe it or not, the Kings are losing 3-0 already ats of this post.

Dallas 6, Winnipeg 4 – This is like a kids version of the game. Holy goals.

Toronto 7, Chicago 3 – I suppose each of the previous two comments could apply to this game, hmm?

Pittsburgh 4, Detroit 1 – The Red Wings are not as good as the Red Wings usually are.

New Jersey 3, Tampa Bay 0 – Marty Brodeur is still alive!  I think! Check him again tonight to be sure.

Montreal 1, New York Islanders 0 (OT) – The Islanders are back to normal.

Saint Louis 4, Columbus 3 (OT) – I followed the Blues Twitter account to try to get a Steen jersey. To no avail.

Nashville 3, San Jose 2 – The Predators absolutely predated the hell out of the Sharks.

Carolina 3, Phoenix 1 – It's too bad that all I can think f are jokes about the cities, because these are interesting teams.

Minnesota 2, Chicago 1 (SO) – No joke, I turned the game off after overtime was over, satisfied with the result. ASAS

Vancouver 6, Boston 2 – Someone kept Ryan Spooner up past his bed time.


Tweet of the Moment


You heard it! The Flames are exciting!

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