Puck Dumps 12/12/13

12/12/13 just makes me think of how excited I am for 13/13/13

The Top Line

The Blackhawks steamrolled the Flyers last night. Even better, there was a national audience for the dismantling. ESPN, NBC, Yahoo, NHL.com, The Local Take #1, The Local Take #2



Los Angeles 3, Toronto 1 – The Kings are laying waste to Canada. This is probably an allegory for colonialism.

Chicago 7, Philadelphia 2 – The Flyers weren't playing well, and then started acting like assholes with late hits and cheap shots. This is not news.

Anaheim 2, Minnesota 1 – Alex Grant now has two goals in two NHL games. HOF, here he comes.


Tweet of the Moment


It’s more noteworthy that Rick Nash is healthy for this game at all.

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