Puck Dumps 12/1/13

It's now December. It's time for hockey. REAL hockey.

The Top Line

A gentle recap of the return of John Tortorella to Manhattan. NBC, Sports Illustrated, The Local Take #1, The Local Take #2 

Also, Daniel Alfredsson's Red Wings are headed to Ottawa. ESPN, TSN, The Local Take #3 The Local Take #4



New York Rangers 5, Vancouver 2- Has this been mentioned yet? Anywhere?

Montreal 4, Toronto 2 – This is like Red Sox – Yankees in baseball, if Montreal or Toronto were nearly as unlikable as New York and Boston.

Boston 3, Columbus 1 – Oh, speak of the devil. Milan Lucic outscoured the Blue Jackets by himself.

Pittsburgh 5, Florida 1 – Nothing feels better than a trip to Florida. Nothing feels worse than actually BEING Florida.

New Jersey 1, Buffalo 0 (OT) – There were only 38 shots in this game. Total.

Washington 3, New York Islanders 2 (OT) – Ovechkin had 40 shots by himself (may not be accurate)

Philadelphia 3, Nashville 2 (SO) – This is the kind of matchup you don't even consider when you think of hockey. ASAS

Chicago 5, Phoenix 2 – This is one of those underrated rivalries. Not between fanbases, but I don't think the players care for each other much. Fun.

Colorado 3, Minnesota 2 (SO) – The Avs sweep a post-Thanksgiving home and home.

Calgary 2, Los Angeles 1 – I reverse jinxed the Flames yesterday! YOU'RE WELCOME

San Jose 4, Anaheim 3 (SO) – California hockey! ASAS


Tweet of the Moment


More specifically, Andrej Sekera is out with a unibrow, and Tim Gleason has webbed feat.

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