Puck Dumps 11/9/13

How is your Movember going? Weekend mustaches are the best.

The Top Line

We have had a bit of a retrospective on the careers of Hall of Fame inductees from a couple of outlets this morning, ESPN, Fox

Canada, meanwhile, is focused on the Maple Leafs win over New Jersey last night. TSN, CBC, The Local Take #1, The Local Take #2



Toronto 2, New Jersey 1 (SO) – Canada was really excited about a shootout win over a mediocre team. ASAS

Winnipeg 5, Nashville 0 -It's not like the Jets thoroughly dominated.. the Preds had 41 shots.

Colorado 4, Calgary 2 – The Avs are 13-2. Complete insanity. The Flames hot streak has cooled. Do you remember when the Flames had a hot streak?

Anaheim 6, Buffalo 2 – Ryan Getzlaf had a hat trick in the first period. The Sabres are really, exceptionally bad.


Tweet of the Moment


So many hashtags, Minnesota Wild. Also, if you wanted to mention the Carolina Hurricanes, couldn’t you have referred to @NHLCanes? You know, THE EXACT SAME AS THE HASHTAG YOU USED

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