Puck Dumps 11/30/13

Hey, I'm back. Did I miss anything?

The Top Line

John Tortorella is back in New York. Everyone is talking about it. ESPN, NBC, Yahoo, TSN, NHL.com, The Local Take #1 The Local Take #2




Montreal 3, Buffalo 1 – This make sense

Carolina 4, New Jersey – Yeah, this too, I guess.

Winnipeg 3, New York Islanders 2 – We should make sure that the Jets start wearing throwbacks, at least 2 games a week.

Ottawa 6, Washington 4 – Did the Senators acquire Steen? Thats a lot of goals.

Nashville 4, Columbus 0 – Sergei Krivokrasov. Just wanted to toss that name out there.

Detroit 6, Boston 1 – I missed all of the Boston consternation after this game. I can't tell if I am happy or sad about that.

Tampa Bay 4, Philadelphia 2 – All attention in this game was on Vinny Lecavalier, I'm sure.

New York Rangers 5, Florida 2 – Complain about playing he day before Thanksgiving, but the Rangers got to go to Miami.

Pittsburgh 6, Toronto 5 (SO) – How do things like this happen? 10 goals, and then everyone freezes up. Actually, the Leafs didn't even score in the 3rd. ASAS.

Phoenix 3, Minnesota 1 – The Coyotes and Wild always play around Thanksgiving. That's weird.

St. Louis 4, Colorado 1 – There is no stopping the Steen Engine! (dibs on that nickname).

Chicago 3, Calgary 2 – The Blackhawks scored all 3 in the final period. Cold looded.

San Jose 3, Los Angeles 2 (SO) – I feel like these are two teams I would enjoy watching more. ASAS


Vancouver 5, Ottawa 2 – It's like Canadians don't even celebrate Thanksgiving.

Edmonton 3, Nashville 0 – I mean, at least the Preds took the day off.


Philadelphia 2 Winnipeg 1 – Think about someone from Winnipeg talking to someone from Philadelphia. Smile inwardly.

Boston 3, New York Rangers 2 – I'm so happy that the Bruins were so resiliant, able to recover from their beating.

Pittsburgh 3, Tampa Bay 0 – The Lightning just don't play well against Pennsylvania.

Detroit 5, New York Islanders 0 – It appears that someone put a quarter in the Red Wings.

Anaheim 5, Calgary 2 – Are we to the point in the season that we will not see another Flames win this season?

San Jose 6, St. Louis 3 – Great, if underrated matchup.

Washington 3, Montreal 2 (SO) – This is an underwhelming, if overrated matchup. ASAS

Colorado 3, Minnesota 1 – Seems like a good time to note that the Wild are without Zach Parise

New Jersey 5, Carolina 2 – What happened since Wednesday? Too much turkey?

Columbus 4, Edmonton 2 – Sad.

Buffalo 3, Toronto 2 (SO) – Waiting for good news for Toronto. My heart goes our to you. ASAS.

Chicago 2, Dallas 1 (SO) – 11 round shootout. Just flip a damn coin. ASAS.

Tweet of the Moment


A nice endcap to this post. The Rangers win! Torts loses!

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