Puck Dumps 11/23/13

Afternoon hockey is the best

The Top Line

It's the weekend, and there is no structure to anything. Nobody has any idea what to report on.



Pittsburgh 4, New York Islanders 3 – Oh Sidney Crosby. You think you can score a late winner ad nobody would notice.

Montreal 3, Washington 2 – Washington is just Ovechkin at this point.

Calgary 4, Florida 3 (SO) – What a terrible disappointment, if this was the one hockey game you hd to go see this season. ASAS.

Vancouver 6, Columbus 2 – The Sedins did bad, creepy things to the Blue Jackets. Gross. Let's move on.

Anaheim 1, Tampa Bay 0 (OT) – If you like defensive battles, then this was the game for you,


Tweet of the Moment


The best pressure of the game ended with a shot going wide. Not A+ material for the Wild this afternoon.

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