Puck Dumps 11/21/13

"Also, Ryan is Stupid" would have been a good retort to yesterday's post. Just sayin'

The Top Line

A couple of sites are interested in today's game between the Blues and Bruins. ESPN, NBC, The Local Take #1, The Local Take #2



New Jersey 4, Anaheim 3 (OT) – Looks like Travis Zajac read my post yesterday.

Pittsburgh 4, Washington 0 – The Penguins wrecked one of their top 10 rivals.

Minnesota 4, Ottawa 3 – You aren't cool unless you score 4 goals.

Columbus 2, Calgary 1 (OT) – I think we can all agree that neither Columbus nor Calgary are particularly cool.


Tweet of the Moment


What Missy is trying to say is, watch out for Tyler Johnson. He might be the best player on the Lightning now. I wouldn’t know.

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