Puck Dumps 11/20/13

We are a quarter of the way through the season already. A quarter of the way through the Dumps.

The Top Line

Power ranks, power ranks everywhere. One has the Blues and one has the Blackhawks as their top team. Sports Illustrated, Fox



St. Louis 4, Buffalo 1 – It should be noted that the Sabres were often the last place team on those power rank lists. 

Toronto 5, New York Islanders 2  – David Clarkson scored for the first time as a Leaf. Finally.

Philadelphia 5, Ottawa 2 – Craig Berube for coach of the year.

Montreal 6, Minnesota 2 – Max Pacioretty with the hat trick to help embarrass Minnesota. I thought we were cool, Canada.

Nashville 2, Detroit 0 – The Red Wings are on a bit of a tumble, with their losing streak reaching 7.

Boston 2, New York Rangers 1 – The Rangers are below .500, yet somehow don't have a single OT or shootout loss.

Colorado 5, Chicago 1 – Not a good showing for Fox's #1 team in the country.

Edmonton 7, Columbus 0 – Just don't ever speak of this again, Ohio.

Florida 3, Vancouver 2 (SO) – The Panthers and Vancouver somehow have been tied together historically with several big trades. That's no excuse for Vancouver losing to Florida at home. ASAS

Los Angeles 5, Tampa Bay 2 – Hey, doesn't Justin Williams look a little bit like a young Bill Murray?


Tweet of the Moment


No comments yet. I was hoping for some insight from Rangers fans.

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