Puck Dumps 11/18/13

Another week means another week full of Dumps

The Top Line

A lull in big news stories means people are belaboring the fighting conversation again. Sports Illustrated, Fox.



Dallas 2, Vancouver 1 – Teeming with mediocrity.

Minnesota 2, Winnipeg 1 – Mikko Koivu scored both goals for the Wild. That is unusual.

Chicago 5, San Jose 1 – Good to see the Sharks are already prepairing to seize up against quality opponents.

Los Angeles 1, New York Rangers 0 – Let this be a lesson. You must always account for Tyler Toffoli.

Washington 4, St. Louis 1 – And on this, the day so many people labeled the Blues the best team in the NHL.

Columbus 4, Ottawa 1 – Won't we all be laughing when both of these teams make the playoffs.


Tweet of the Moment


Coach Eakins would like the word salad, please.

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