Puck Dumps 11/17/13

Sunday, fun-day. 

The Top Line

We don't have a consensus on what the top story of the day is, so I will just link to TSN's Trade Center so you can take a look at the two deals that were made this week. 



Toronto 4, Buffalo 2 – The Sabres lose, and the Maple Leafs end ther losing streak. Not much surprise here.

New York Rangers 1, Montreal 0 – Ryan Callahan was the only one to do anything interesting.

New Jersey 4, Pittsburgh 1 – The Pens are falling apart. Needs more Kunitz.

New York Islanders 5, Detroit 4 (SO) – No 4-4 game should ever end in a shootout. ASAS

St. Louis 4, Carolina 2 – People thought the Blues would be good this year. Was it because of Alex Steen?

Nashville 7, Chicago 2 – Well all right then.

Phoenix 6, Tampa Bay 3 – The Coyotes are undefeated at home. Why would they ever want to move?

Florida 4, Colorado 1 – This is not what I would expect.

Edmonton 4, Calgary 2 – The Battle for Alberta is for a prize that really isn't worth winning.


Tweet of the Moment


Dagnabbit, and I don’t have Fox Sports Ohio!

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