Puck Dumps 11/16/13

It's the weekend! Actually, this is something that does not affect Puck Dumps one way or another.

The Top Line

Not much going on in the NHL, apparently, but a couple of outlets made mention of the Washington victory over Detroit. ESPN, NHL.Com, The Local Take #1, The Local Take # 2



Buffalo 3, Toronto 1 – This is probably the most embarrassing thing to happen to the city of Toronto this week.

Los Angeles 2, New Jersey 0 – Ben Scrivens was the best goalie in this one. Take that Brodeur/Schneider.

Pittsburgh 4, Nashville 1 – This went about how you would think it would go.

Carolina 3, Anaheim 2 (SO) – This was so bad that the Ducks felt the need to trade away a couple of forwards. ASAS

Montreal 3, Columbus 2 (SO) – This is quite the historical mismatch. ASAS

Ottawa 4, Boston 2 – Ottawa isn't great, but they are winning games they should be, and they might end up in the playoffs.

Washington 4, Detroit 3 (SO) – The Red Wings are on a 4 match home winless streak now. Yikes. ASAS

Minnesota 3, Florida 2 – The Wild were up 2-0 at one point, but needed a late goal from Charlie Coyle to win it.

Winnipeg 3, Philadelphia 2 (SO) – Can nobody win a game in overtime? ASAS.

San Jose 3, Edmonton 1 – ESPN labels Edmonton as "slumping". Yeah, like for a decade.


Tweet of the Moment


Hey, I just said that! Sweet scoreboard though.

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