Puck Dumps 11/14/13

I feel for Steven Stamkos. I stubbed my toe so hard this morning.

The Top Line

The Sabres have shaken up their organization, but are likely still quite terrible. Yahoo!, Sporting News, The Local Take



Minnesota 2, Toronto 1 (SO) – The Wild lost Nick Bakstrom to injury when Nazem Kadri plowed into him. The Maple Leafs are terrible people. ASAS

Philadelphia 2, Pittsburgh 1 – This is the worst news to hit Pittsburgh since… I don't know, maybe yesterday?

Dallas 3, Edmonton 0 – Tough to get beat by a city that is your name, I am assuming. Is that true, Dallas Eakins?


Tweet of the Moment


Wow, great job. At least one of those was a win over the Oilers /rolls eyes

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