Puck Dumps 11/10/13

I hope you are sitting down for this…

The Top Line

Oh good, more bickering about fighting in hockey. I think this isn't something that weighs heavily on the minds of devoted fans, right? I don't know for sure though. ESPN, Fox



Los Angeles 5, Vancouver 1 – No amount of Sedin could undo this mess.

Chicago 5, Dallas 2 – Patrick was Sharp with 4 assists. Oh man, did anyone else ever think of that pun?

Phoenix 4, Washington 3 (SO) – I could totally see Ovechkin wanting to go to the Coyotes just for the hell of it, because he strikes me as a weirdo. ASAS

Saint Louis 2, Pittsburgh 1 – The Blues are just better than the Penguins. No amount of Getzlaf can change that.

Blue Jackets 5, New York Islanders 2 – If a train wreck leaves New York at time X and another train wreck leaves Columbus at time Y….

Tampa Bay 3, Detroit 2 (OT) – "You're in the Eastern Conference now, bitches!" – Teddy Purcell, probably

Boston 3, Toronto 1 – Rob Ford is going to want to get really high if this keeps up. Probably if it doesn't, also.

Minnesota 3, Carolina 2 (SO) – Watch out for the Hurricanes. Not the hockey team, that's just some meteorological advice.

Ottawa 3, Florida 2 – Bring back Dineen!

Philadelphia 4, Edmonton 2 – My apologies to anyone who sat through this game.


Tweet of the Moment


Do you think Doug Gilmour will be there?

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