Puck Dumps 10/9/13

Holy jumpin'!

The Top Line

Tomas Hertl scored 4 goals, making headline writers everywhere happy. Oh, also, he has a hot girlfriend. Thanks, Fox! ESPN, Fox, NHL.com, The Local Take



Colorado 2, Toronto 1 – Patrick Roy must be amazing, right? The Avs haven't dropped a point yet.

New York Islanders 6, Phoenix 1 – A pair of vagrant teams square off on Long Island. Tavares scored twice though. He's no Tomas Hertl.

Philadelphia 2, Florida 1 – BERUBE FOR ADAMS

Pittsburgh 6, Carolina 2 – Jussi Jokinen scores a hat trick, and nobody cares. Plus I bet his girlfriend isn't even hot, right Fox?

Tampa Bay 3, Buffalo 2 (OT) – Alex Kilorn with the game winner. Alex Kilorn is always stealing headlines.

Nashville 3, Minnesota 2 – Eric Nystrom had a penalty shot goal for the Preds. Eric Nystrom.

Vancouver 3, New Jersey 2 (OT) – Proving once and for all that Roberto Luongo is the better goaltender.

San Jose 9, New York Rangers 2 – Wait, Hertl didn't even score HALF of San Jose's goals? I think this says more about the Rangers than Tomas Hertl.


Tweet of the Moment


In the NHL, they don't even wait to retire before moving into the media. Colin Wilson, age 23 apparently has a show. And he was able to get Nick Spaling of the Nashville Predators? Colin Wilson must have some serious connections

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