Puck Dumps 10/6/13

Thanks to Joe H. for the inspiration for today's post, but his idea was much less stupid than mine. Smart, even.

The Top Line

The Bruins stomped the Red Wings last night. As much fun as it is to see the Red Wings go down, it's too bad that the Bruins were the ones to do it. NBC, Sports Illustrated The Local Take

The Flyers and Canes are somehow conference rivals now, and looking for their first win today. Yahoo!, NHL.com Local Take 1, Local Take 2



Boston 4, Detroit 1 – I wonder if Boston-Detroit is a match up that will get on national American television very much this year.

Montreal 4, Philadelphia 1 – The Canadiens are playing for Parros this year. Obviously.

Columbus 3, New York Islanders 2 (SO) – Two nights, two shootouts for the Isles. Also, shootouts are stupid.

Pittsburgh 4, Buffalo 1 – I think wins against the Sabres should only count for half.

Toronto 5, Ottawa 4 (SO) – You're telling me these two teams could score 4 goals apiece in regulation, but then neither could do a thing in overtime with more wide open ice? Also, shootouts are stupid.

Tampa Bay 3, Chicago 2 (SO) – Kaner spent the pregrame brushing up on Hybrid icing. Also, shootouts are stupid.

Dallas 2, Washington 1 – Seriously, those Dallas sweaters look like they were designed in an EA sports create-a-team accident.

St. Louis 7, Florida 0 – "Florida might be a sleeper this year" they said earlier in the week.

Anaheim 4, Minnesota 3 (OT) – The Ducks scored with 5 seconds left in overtime. Ouch.

Vancouver 6, Edmonton 2 – That young talent is coming around soon, Edmonton. I'm sure of it.

San Jose 4, Phoenix 1 – "Hey Dallas, if you want a weird greenish color, you should just stick with teal. Sincerely, San Jose"


Tweet of the Moment


Twitter is vital for game updates when you are near the internet but can't stream a game, find a feed, or check a gamecast, but have time to refresh a stupid app.

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