Puck Dumps 10/4/13

8 hockey games? In one night? Puck Dumps will be harder than I thought

The Top Line

With so many games, there isn't just one story line that the masses are following. We get two lines!

The Florida Panthers and Tim Thomas had a good debut and may have people talking this season. Wait, the Florida Panthers are being covered by multiple outlets? ESPN, Sports Illustrated, The Local Take

Fighting is bad! No it's not! Rabble rabble rabble. Yahoo! CBC.



Boston 3, Tampa Bay 1 – The Cup winning Blackhawks were on national television on opening night. The Bruins quietly start at the same time as almost everyone else. Losers.

Pittsburgh 3, New Jersey 0 – Apparently, Corey Schneider won't be contributing on offense.

Washington 5, Calgary 4 (SO) – The Caps defense/goaltending is going to be a wacky adventure this year. 10 goals in two games. Also, shootouts are stupid.

Los Angeles 3, Minnesota 2 (SO) – In a fact I refuse to accept, Matt Cooke scored the first Wild goal of the year. They deserved to lose this game. Also, shootouts are stupid.

Florida 4, Dallas 2 – Here's how you sell out an arena for a Panthers-Stars game: make the game the season opener.

St. Louis 4, Nashville 2 – There are actually people think that the Blues will win the Stanley Cup this year. They are undefeated so far.

Phoenix 4, New York Rangers 1 – Done in by Radim Vrbata. I actually know someone who was at this game. Weird stuff, man.

San Jose 4, Vancouver 1 – A haunted house with Brent Burns wielding a chainsaw and the Sedins just… there.


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