Puck Dumps 10/30/13

Thank goodness it's Halloween, so Don Cherry, if for one day, can just call it a "costume"

The Top Line

We're taking a look at the Penguins-Bruins game tonight. Something something Iginla. NBC, Yahoo!, NHL.com, The Local Take #1 The Local Take #2 



New York Rangers 3, New York Islanders 2 – The Rangers were back on the road, where they are more comfortable.

Anaheim 3, Philadelphia 2 – Philadelphia was up 2-1, and then the Ducks got to the rink.

Montreal 2, Dallas 1 – Montreal had a huge performance Carey Price to win at home against the Pert Plus corporate team.

New Jersey 2, Tampa Bay 1 – Martin Prado and Jaromir Jagr had big games, and I missed it because I was waiting for songs to download on Napster.

Chicago 6, Ottawa 5 – It's so weird to see a high scoring game like this. We need more crap goaltenders in the NHL

St Louis 3, Winnipeg 2 – I think the Jets are about ready to go back to the Southeast.

Toronto 4, Edmonton 0 – Phil Kessel was involved in all 4 goals for the Leafs.

Phoenix 3, Los Angeles 1 – The Kings dominated this one, if the SOG are accurate, which means goal scoring goalie Mike Smith stood on his head.


Tweet of the Moment


Do you think that Denis Seidenberg and Adam McQuaid know that their game is the Most Important Game of the Night?

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