Puck Dumps 10/3/13

Oh my, is it awesome to have Jay Onrait and Dan O'Toole on American television. Sorry Canada.

The Top Line

Patrick Roy is back coaching, and he is cRaZy. Links: ESPN, Yahoo!, Sports Illustrated, CBC, The Local Take



Toronto 3, Philadelphia 1 – If I had known we would talk about the Maple Leafs every day, I would never have started Puck Dumps. But the Leafs have more points than any other team in the league.

Detroit 2, Buffalo 1 – "Hey, the Eastern Conference is super easy," said an anonymous Red Wing, "We didn't even play that well, and we still managed this win!"

Colorado 6, Anaheim 1 – If Patrick Roy hadn't completely lost his mind, we might be talking about how awesome Nathan McKinnon was in his debut.


Tweet of the Moment


The Blues have retweeted a local celebrity known for playing "baseball" who is giving a shoutout to a goalie who got in a fight while playing for the Red Wings 20 years ago. This fight was against Curtis Joseph and the Blues. I assume this was retweeted because of the LGB hashtag, which either means "Let's Go Blues" or is a rallying cry for gay rights.

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